Case study: National People’s Palace Museum Southern Branch Taiwan

Project type – Design, supply & Installation

Client – Taiwan Government

Specialist design – Audio Light Systems ltd

Contracted to – Click Netherfield

Architect – NA

Value – £150K

Specification: Wireless fibre optic lighting control


The National Palace Museum (NPM) is known for its collection of Chinese artifacts. Most of its artifacts came from the Qing Palace, which housed precious artifacts collected by the imperial family over thousands of years. These artifacts total to nearly 700,000 pieces and include antiquities, paintings and calligraphy, historical documents and rare books, and Asian artifacts, making them one of the world’s unique collections of cultural assets

Audio Light Systems designed a wireless lighting control system for nearly 200 display cases. The solution included individual cabinet lighting control using an iPad from anywhere in the building. Each substantial display case has multiple fibre optics lighting several items in any one case. The museum need full control of these lights without disturbing the contents.