Case study: Peebles Parish Church
Project type – Consultation & installation
Client – Peebles Parish Church
Contracted to – Peebles Parish Church
Architect – NA
Specialist Consultant – J.M. McDonald
Audio Light Systems Ltd
Value – £40K
Specification: sound reinforcement & visual display systems

With a capacity of over 1200, the committee at Peebles Old Parish Church were looking for an AV specification that would fulfill demanding requirements of the busy town centre church. The system also needed to be discrete as the church is a historic listed building with local architectural importance.

The projector system really showed Audio Light Systems capability for design and build and the final system worked as intended. The two screens were mounted on bracket and pivot mechanisms, which allows full retraction when the screens are not in use.

The closed position is located directly on top of the gallery, camouflaging the screen housing on the buildings gallery structure. When the screens are in use, the church is transformed into a truly 21st century church with the two 2m x 1.5m screens giving excellent coverage & viewing. Two NEC NP2150 projectors focus across the Nave to the opposite site of the church. The configuration gave the opportunity to hide the NECs under the Gallery, helping to preserve the churches original state of late 19th century grandeur

IMG_7002 IMG_7006 IMG_7008 IMG_7016

MVI_0126 Click to watch movie of screen retraction