Case study: Scottish Youth Theatre
Project type – Installation
Client – Scottish Youth Theatre
Contracted to – Scottish Youth Theatre
Architect – Parr Architects
Specialist Consultant – MJC Consultants/ Ampetronic
Value – £20K
Specification: Induction loop systems

Scottish Youth Theatre’s home, The Old Sheriff Court is a unique and versatile space which is in the centre of Glasgow. The building includes rehearsal rooms, meeting rooms and a performance space. To help meet the needs of a modern complex, the building required a series of induction loop systems. These systems are a good example of complex low spill induction loop systems.

Six spaces required loops systems, with one problem; they were all next to each other. A traditional loop system cannot provide a solution in this type of environment as the loop leaks into adjacent spaces. The solution was to provide low spill multi turn systems, utilizing copper tape under the floor covering. The user can then use adjacent induction loops without any interference from the area next door.