Case study: St Aidan’s Primary School
Project type – Consultation & installation
Client – St Aidan’s Primary School
Contracted to – St Aidan’s Primary School
Architect – NA
Specialist Consultant – Audio Light Systems Ltd
Value – £10K
Specification: Paging & background music

St Aidan’s were looking for a less traditional approach to break times, using samples of classical music to indicate the start and finish of periods rather than the usual bell. They also needed a paging facility throughout the building to inform of important events and make announcements.

A 100v line speaker system was installed for the paging and music, which also included exterior quality horn speakers for the playground. At the front-end a multi-sound-card PC with multi-zone software was installed. This gave the school the capability of playing individual music samples to specific zones of the school simultaneously, so differentiating the end-of-period signals for each zone is possible.